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American History began in violence. The Black one started in a long cry. From the first deported Africans to the native African-Americans, this is a story of constant struggle for survival, which urged them to get organized as a community.

In the centre of this organization, three institutions have become the pillars of the emancipation of Black people: church, school and the press. Even though these tools may prove to be double-edged, they have been of help. Nevertheless, African-Americans have managed to sublimate the pain to be themselves through the most incisive art: music. Built on their tattered flesh, at first rhymed by the noise of the chains and the whip, it blew up in the oppressor’s face.

Then, affected by the urge to come through, music became the witness of the evolution of eras, of rebellion and of assertion. Music remains the most effective medium to testify to this whimsical story. These complaints, these exhortations, these advances are History: the black American one.

A summary of politics, culture and spirituality; made of resistance, resilience and driven by a constant desire to reconnect with the ancestors who stayed in the Motherland. This story is a saga, and each note of this music is the best evidence that Black people have never given up. This is what this work humbly suggests deciphering. A Master’s degree holder in English with a specialization in American civilisation, Pascal Archimède has focused on the link between the evolution of Black people on American soil and the various musical genres that they created.

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